Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs

Lunch and Learn – March 2, 2022
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As we are gradually moving out of a pandemic, the shortage of health professionals is significant and the challenges before us are equally so! At CAAHP, we believe it is paramount to bring forward a very important message to the academic community and hope it helps finding solutions to address the Healthcare Human Resources challenges in Canada.

Christine Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer at CSMLS, discussed how much medical laboratory scientists were thrust into the spotlight – holding the information everyone needs – Do I have COVID-19? How does an association accelerate a certification program, when in person testing is near impossible? How do you maintain standards, when systems are falling apart – students are pulled from clinical practicums and the labour supply is drying up?

Brian Witschen presented NAIT’ strategies, in the Respiratory Therapy program, to maintain on-time graduation for each cohort while still achieving all required competencies without an over-reliance on simulation sign-offs. Modifications to clinical rotations, use of virtual patient scenarios, and an increased emphasis on simulating transferrable skills will all be discussed.

View the documents:
Pandemic and a Profession, Christine Nielsen, CSMLS CEO
Coping With Covid: How NAIT’s Respiratory Therapy Program Has Adapted To This New Reality, Brian Witschen, RRT