Canadian Association of
Allied Health Programs

CAAHP 2023 Annual Conference

May 17-18

Accelerating Change in Healthcare 


The May 2023 CAAHP Education Conference will highlight the theme Accelerating Change in Healthcare Education  Speakers will address the topic of "7 challenges healthcare educators want to solve right now", namely:

  • Creating Meaningful Technology
  • Empowering Students Through Flexible Learning Pathways;
  • Meaningfully Advancing Truth and Reconciliation
  • Expediting Innovation
  • Fostering Global Perspective - Internationalization

Each year, the Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs hosts the National Education Conference, welcoming approximately 100 CAAHP members and Allied Health professionals both in-person and virtually.

The format will be hybrid with the first day offered in Hy-Flex mode and the second day will only be offered in presential at NAIT in Edmonton.

This annual event serves as a meeting ground for key leaders interested in exchanging perspectives and leveraging leadership in academia for better health outcomes. With a curated lineup of dynamic speakers and engaging sessions, the CAAHP Education Conference provides opportunities for real-time discussions, exploring the most relevant topics for Allied Health innovators & decision makers.

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Lunch and Learn
November 30, 2022

Are you still wondering how to integrate Patient and Family Engagement in an innovative way?

CAAHP, in partnership with EQual Canada, organized a Lunch and Learn for you to hear, learn, and discuss how other institutions with accredited programs have tackled this criterion effectively.

Two panelists from our college network have shared with us an overview of their strategies toward the integration of patient partners into their programs.


Laura Thomas, Med Ultrasound, CRGS, DMS - Associate Dean Allied Health, Mohawk College

Kelly Lindberg, BA, RTR - Curriculum coordinator, Medica Diagnostic, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

We have used a padlet. The padlet provides an opportunity to share ideas and questions that address the scaffolded nature of the patients as partners journey. Please consult and contribute to this ongoing discussion.

You can access the Saskatchewan Polytech Presentation and Mohawk College Presentation in PDF format and the video recording of the event.


Virtual Simulations :
Examples and Strategies for Integration and Implementation

CAAHP 5th Virtual Lunch and Learn
November 2, 2022


Over the past year, as part of the national “Virtu-WIL” project, Canadian educators have created 137 free and open virtual simulations in medical laboratory technology, paramedicine, and nursing.

The three panelists presented an overview of the resources available, how to access them, and how they can be integrated into curricula.

Joelle Deschambault, Manager, Projects & Programs, Colleges & Institutes Canada (CICAN)
Lisa Selvey, MA, RRT, Associate Dean at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Timothy Willett, MD MMED, CEO, Simulation Canada

You can access the presentation in PDF format and the video recording of the event.


Quality Health Professional Education (HPE) – Patient Partnering

Lunch and Learn
May 4, 2022

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For over 100 years, patients have been engaged in the education of health professionals. Furthermore, research has shown the need for enhanced engagements given the many benefits derived from early learnings and the many positive impacts that such a philosophy has on learners, educators, patients, and overall health systems.

CAAHP hosted this Lunch and Learn in partnership with EQual Canada. This session has explored the status of patient engagement in health professional education (HPE), from an education accreditation point of view and provide a collaborative platform for education stakeholders to discuss the next evolutionary step of this philosophy.

View the document:
Quality Health Professional Education (HPE) - Patient Partnership., Carl Damour, Director – EQual and International Health Systems


Lunch and Learn
March 2, 2022



As we are gradually moving out of a pandemic, the shortage of health professionals is significant and the challenges before us are equally so! At CAAHP, we believe it is paramount to bring forward a very important message to the academic community and hope it helps finding solutions to address the Healthcare Human Resources challenges in Canada.

Christine Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer at CSMLS, discussed how much medical laboratory scientists were thrust into the spotlight – holding the information everyone needs – Do I have COVID-19? How does an association accelerate a certification program, when in person testing is near impossible? How do you maintain standards, when systems are falling apart – students are pulled from clinical practicums and the labour supply is drying up?

Brian Witschen presented NAIT’ strategies, in the Respiratory Therapy program, to maintain on-time graduation for each cohort while still achieving all required competencies without an over-reliance on simulation sign-offs. Modifications to clinical rotations, use of virtual patient scenarios, and an increased emphasis on simulating transferrable skills will all be discussed.

View the documents:
Pandemic and a Profession, Christine Nielsen, CSMLS CEO
Coping With Covid: How NAIT’s Respiratory Therapy Program Has Adapted To This New Reality, Brian Witschen, RRT


CAAHP Last Event
Lunch and Learn
November 17, 2021

The three organizations, CSMLS, CAMRT and Sonography Canada have shared their data on mental health and its impacts on Health practitioners.

This reality is slowly making its way within PSE curriculum, at program level. Thanks to the three organizations for their great presentation and their effort to raise awareness on this matter.

View the documents:
Mental Health in COVID Times: Three Allied Health Professions Compare and Contrast Experiences
Mental Health Status Survey- Educators
MLP Mental Health Status Survey - Students

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Logo Sonography

Are you an educator in
nursing or health programs?

We are seeking allied health faculty to participate in a study examining the impact of transitioning their teaching to online/remote delivery following the emergence of Covid-19 in Canada.

Please follow this link to participate in the survey

For more information about this study, or to book an interview, please contact: Natasha Hubbard Murdoch Natasha.hubbardmurdoch@saskpolytech.ca

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The Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs (CAAHP) is an affiliated group of Colleges and Institutions across Canada offering programs of study in the field of “allied health”.  These programs include disciplines that are diagnostic and therapeutic and do not address nursing and physician education.

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Icône Mission


To be an effective national network of high-quality allied health and life sciences academic institutions and a forum for collaboration and information exchange promoting and profiling best practices.

Icône VIsion


To shape the future of health sciences education within the college and institute system.

Icône Objectifs


To be a forum for collaboration and information exchange among institutions involved in health sciences education;

To profile and promote best practices and innovation within the college and institute system;

To be an advocate on-key issues and trends with government, professional associations and other stakeholders.